• Fakt1
        At the end of the ninteenth century, Kherson library, based on its combined collections, placed seventh in the Russian Empire among public libraries; as for the number of books that were lent out to readers - second place, only following Kharkiv's public library. 

  • Library Area
        The library was built as a special architectural project in 1986.  The overall footprint of the library measures 13,600 m2, which is greater than the footprint of the retail-entertainment complex Oskar (Tavriyskiy location) by 600 m2.  The area of the library building allocated for servicing readers - 5,739 m2, which is approximately the size of the product sales area of hypermarket Oskar (6,000 m2). The footprint of the supermarket "Silpo" in ...

  • Fakt7
    The library departments service annually from 35,000 to 40,000 readers; in 2016, 38 765 readers were served.  To transport readers, who are serviced in a year's time, 776 trolley busses or 1 939 marshrut taxis (20 seats each), 718 platzkart railroad passenger cars (48 trains at lengths of 15 cars each) would be needed.
  • Fakt8
      If readers, who are serviced by the library in a year, were sports fans - they could completely fill the provincial sports complex stadium  "Metalist" in the city of Lviv, and also fill up to 58% capacity the national sports complex "Olympic".

  • Chart
        Today, the majority of patrons are students and specialists with different profiles.  The most active patrons of the Department of  City Subscriptions - doctors.  
  • Readers 11
      73% of the library patrons are individuals from age 14 to 30, 13% - from age 30-40, 4,9% - elderly individuals (age greater than 60).  The oldest patron of the library is more than 86 years of age.  
  • Reading dynasty
      Patron Dynasties of the Library: Kovalenkos' (Vyacheslav Vasiliovich, Halina Grigorivna, their daughter and niece) - general length of patronage is 30 years; Arhipovs (Sergei Oleksiovich, Tatiana Leonidivna, daughter) - length of patronage - 20 years Anohins (Igor Ivanovich, Olga Mikolaiyvna, children and niece) - general length of patronage - 35 years. The longest length of patronage is ...
  • Resursy13
        The overall number of documents in the library collections is 953 986 originals.  To transport the entire library repository would require 14 vans, each carrying 20 tons.
  • Fakt14
        The number of documents that are stored in the repository - more than half a million originals.  They are distributed on 14,000 bookshelves, the length of which is 21 km.  Each librarian of the repository walks about 5 km a day.

  • Resursy17
      The smallest document, in size, out of all the library's collections is a miniature book measuring 17x20mm - "Better than all medicines, drinking and eating" (M., 1975). The largest rarity, in size - "Atlas of the World" measuring 55x35 cm., produced by the royal German cartographer Tobias Conrad Lotter (Augsburg, 70's of the XVIII century). The oldest document in the repository - the manuscript "General ...
  • Fakt18
        In a year's time, close to 800,000 original documents are lent to readers, their general weight being close to 30 tons (in 2016, 719 502 original documents were lent to readers).

  • Resursy20
    Summed up, if you borrow 2 books and 1 magazine from the library per month rather than purchasing them, you will save more than 1,240 hryvna on books and 600 hryvna on magazines (in general - almost 2,000 hryvna per year). 
  • Resursy21
  • Fakt22
        There are 80 computerized work places for readers.  The number of Internet users  - 56,000.
  • Resursy23
      The extent of the library catalogues and cardfiles numbers close to 3,000,000 cards, including the ethnographic catalogue which reflects almost 120,000 sources about the country, published from the beginning of 18th century to our present day. The extent of the electronic catalogue - almost 400,000 bibliographic records. The overall number of visits to the library's website since its existence (in 2004) - 733,700; in that number, visits to the "Virtual ...
  • Fakt24
          In the library, one can not only obtain the necessary literature but can visit art exhibits and various events, listen to music, view films or become a member of a club after their own interests. The general number of visits to the library in 2010 came to 158,397.  The greatest number of visits of that year was in the month of June (22,348 visitors).  The greatest number of visits in a  day of 2010 was on the 29th of June (4,168 visitors).

  • Financing
        General library budget for 2010 - 7,226,100 hryvnas. Allocations: 3,441,300 hryvna - payroll 274,565 hryvna - collection acquisitions 389,900 hryvna - capital and continuing renovations 44,000 hryvna - acquisition of furnishings and equipment Library financing to acquire literature in 2010 came to 219,100 hryvna, including periodicals at 166,100 hryvna. For ...
  • Funding 1
      In 2010, the library received 391,100 hryvna which includes $10,895 USA of furniture and technical equipment, from charitable donors and sponsorship contributions, project activities and fees for services. Over the last 10 years, the library has received from project activities, publications and technical equipment in the overall sum of $80,715 USA.  
  • Library Staff
      The total number of library staff is 155.5 persons of which 87 are librarians.  Out of them:   Four librarians have been named as "Honored Employee of Culture in Ukraine" The general director of the library was decorated with the third rank of the Order of Princess Olga    Two ...


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