Dear friends!

Welcome to our site.

We are pleased to present here information about the library: its history, structure, funds, its rules, and services. This information and many other interesting facts are on the "Information About Library" link above.

On "Library Resources" link there is an electronic catalogue in more than 275,000 resources and a catalogue of new releases. In addition we can offer you various annotations on most interesting new editions from the library fund.

Visit the "Internet Resources" link and you will be able to browse the Internet in search of information you need. 

Ask a question and we will a nswer them on the "Virtual Information Service" link.

Our prospects:

  • a presentation of our specialized databases: STUDY OF LOCAL LORE, NOTES etc.; 
  • an introduction of various library editions; 
  • BOOK MUSEUM etc. 

If you have any enquiries on this matter, please send your requests to our GUEST BOOK and we will answer them as soon as possible. It will help us to improve the library website, make it more dynamic and more interesting.

Library administration.

Our partners and Partnership projects


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