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 The library collection consists of more than 900 thousand items in 45 different languages which are available in various forms of informational media.  The most valuable section in the collection are the regional and native publications. This part of the collection include signed editions by the author,  soviet publications, contemporary publications by writers from the fields of education, literarature and cultural realm, an assortment of miniature editions, and samples of graphic artworks.

 The Main Collection 

The main repository is composed of a universal aggregation of printed publications:  books, brochures, and periodicals from different areas of knowledge in Ukrainian and Russian languages.  The most valuable of these are the pre-revolutionary and regional collections.   The components of the collection are reflected in the card catalogue system on library card index files and partially, in the electronic card catalogue.

To find required documents, it is necessary to go to the electronic library catalogue, the published periodicals catalogue, or the card catalogue (numerically or alphabetically) which are located on the third floor of the depository. 

Publications from the main collection are given to patrons in the reading hall service section (fourth floor). 

Bibliographic Research Collection

 The bibliographic research collection is part of the bibliographic research operation of the library.  It includes bibliographic, reference and research publications (printed and electronic)/  The collection is found in the Bibliographic Information Section (3rd floor). 

The contents of the collection is contained in the card catalogue system of the library, the library card index files and partially in the electronic catalogue.  Research and bibliographic publications are available in all departments of the library.

 Periodicals Collection 

The collection of periodical publications includes newspapers and magazines in Russian, Ukrainian and foreign languages.  The newspaper collection contains prominant and local newspapers.  In the magazine collection, one can find educational, popular education, trade and mass media publications.  

Newspapers for the current year and magazines in active demand (primarily publications for the last three  years) can be found in the collections of the various departments:  fine arts documents, local lore documents and bibliographies, documents in foreign languages, educational-methodological, and services.  Periodicals for later years can be found in the applicable department's main collection and can be requested at the service desk in the main reading hall.

Published music and sound recordings 

This specialized collection includes printed sheet music publications and sound recordings (vinyl recordings, audio cassettes, and compact disks).  The collection represents Ukrainian and international classical music, musical folklore and recordings of modern music. 

The contents of this collection is available in the printed card catalogue and card files of the library, the Department of Fine Arts, the electronic catalogue and in the electronic database of the department.  Documents can be requested in the Fine Arts Department. 

Musical recordings are available for listening in the sound recording cabinets located in the Fine Arts department.  Musical instruments are available for the selection of sheet music: for patron use there are pianos, violins, guitars and an accordion.

 Document Collection for Library Sciences, Bibliographic Sciences and Book Sciences 

A specialized collection designed as a foundation for conducting educational methodology and educational research work in library sciences and published document matters.  Books, magazines, brochures and publications that continue being published in Ukrainian and Russian languages are gathered into this collection.  Documents can be found in the primary Educational Methodological Department (third floor) and are available to the general public.

Contents of the collection are displayed in the library's card catalogue and card files and in the department's electronic catalogue.  Bibliographic science publications can also found in the Bibliographic Information Section.   

Exchange and Reserve Collections 

The library's exchange collection is universal as noted.  The collection includes various types of documents written in Ukrainian and Russian languages.  The library's exchange collection is composed of duplicate copies and unprofiled publications, as related to the library's main collection.  The exchange collection serves as an interlibrary book exchange for the libraries in Ukraine and the region. A book exchange is created on the basis of advance requests submitted by the libraries and are available for immediate receipt from the collection.   

Reserve collection - this is the library's provisional collection, the primary purpose of which is to re-stock the active collection of the library in the event of the loss or wearing out of the primary copy.  The reserve collection is universal as noted. 

The Exchange and Reserve collections are found in the Department of Document Acquisitions which maintains the library collections. 

Collection of Rare and Valuable Editions 

For safekeeping in this collection are printed volumes in Russian, Ukrainian and foreign languages, published up to 1924, and also collections of manuscripts, autographed books, and miniature publications.  The collection includes books, brochures, magazines, maps, and pictorials. 

Contents of the collection is reflected in the catalogues and card files located in the Department of Rare and Valuable Editions and partially in the library's electronic catalogue.  The collection can only be used in the reading hall of the Department of Rare and Valuable Editions (3rd floor).


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