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 Registration and Control Department

Conducts the recording and registration of library patrons in an automated format,  maintains statistics and control, and provides readers with cards and tracking forms.  Conducts introductory tours throughout the library.  When registering a patron, library staff informs them about the library hours of operation, about services provided by the library departments and familiarize the reader with the policy for library use.

Superintendent:  Deresh, N. O.

First Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 26-63-97

Information-bibliographic department

Provides research and informational services and assists patrons with the bibliographic research network.  Here, one can obtain information about the existence of an actual document in a collection and make use of directories, guide books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Department staff carry out electronic card filing of articles, provide consultations regarding methods of information searches and compile literature listings.  The bibliographers in the department take an active part in the work of "Virtual Research Services" of the library and perform complex research on patron inquiries.  The Bibliographic Information Department is the coordinator of bibliographic research services in the library.  Twice a year, it hosts a meeting for bibliographers in the city.

Superintendent:  Lanceberg, O. V.

3rd Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 32-18-30

Customer Service Department

Oversees the reading halls for periodical publications, humanitarian literature, economic and trades literature.  Here, one can obtain documents from the library repository.

Superintendent: Nikulkina, N. V.

4th Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 22-44-30

Department of Rare and Valuable Editions

The department's collection combines over eight thousand printed volumes.  To serve visitors of the Department:

  • A collection of pre-revolutionary, pre-war and post-war editions
  • Rare volumes of the XVIII century
  • Miniature publications; the smallest book is 17x20mm "Better than All Medicines, Drinking  and Eating" - a collection of proverbs published in Moscow in 1975
  • Volumes by authors Oles Honchar, historian E. Tarle, writer M. Bazhan, Y. Basha, C.  Aymatov, current writers of Kherson, and others
  • In the collection of foreign editions of the Ukrainian diaspora are rare publications from the  works of T. Shevchenko, M. Kulish, E. Malanuk and others


Superintendent:   Sak, O. H.

3rd Floor

Telephone:   (0552) 42-42-88

Department of Local Ethnographic Documents and Bibliographies

Founded in 1891 under the personal auspices of Prince Potemkin, the department collects and organizes all materials about the local region, conducts bibliographic and informational research services relating to ethnographic questions.
The department has gathered rare pre-revolutionary ethnographic publications such as "The Geography and Statistics of Russia - Kherson Province" by A. Schmidt (1863), "A Chronological Overview of a NeoRussian Region 1730-1823" by A. Ckalkovski (1863), "County Council Activities in Kherson District Across Fifty Years" (1864-1913).
In the Department's collection one can find pre-revolutionary periodical editions "Kherson Province News" (1865-1919), "The South" (1898-1907), "Kherson Diocese News" (1860-1916) and others.

Superintendent:   Tokovilo, O. V.

2nd Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 42-43-19

Department of Fine Art Documents

This Department focuses its collection on books, albums, sheet music publications, vinyl recordings, video movies, compact disks and other music media.

Musical instruments, sound recording cabinets and a reception desk are available for use by patrons.
"Lyra" a club for lovers of fine arts works with the Department.

Superintendent:   Krasnolutska, T. L.

2nd Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 26-16-87

Department of Foreign Language Documents

Presented in the Department of Foreign Language Literature are publications from various branches of learning in 45 different languages of the world:  art literature, manuals, research and periodical publications on various information mediums.

Thanks to the cooperation of British Consul in Ukraine, the Goethe Institute and the charitable Saber Light Foundation, the collection is replenished every year with new editions.

With the assistance of the Consulate of the USA in Ukraine, the Department opened an informational resource center "Window on America".

Superintendent:   Maschenko, H.O.

3rd Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 32-18-30

Department of City Subscriptions

The Department of Subscriptions allows city residents to check out books and magazines for home use.
With the purpose of improving their services for readers, the Department provides an additional fee-based service - reserving literature that is in high demand.

Superintendent:   Bogdanova, C. Y.

1st Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 26-63-97

Interlibrary Subscriptions Section

In this Department, one can order the required publication from other libraries if they are not available in this library.

Superintendent:   Shishkina, L. P.

1st Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 26-18-57

New Arrivals Section

Assures that readers become familiar with new documents that have arrived in the library's collections.  The continuously active exhibit "New Arrivals in the Library" offers publications from all branches of learning: from educational to arts literature.  The section also works with a reader's circle of independent artists.  "Rakurs".  Anyone who has a relationship with creative work can become a member: poets, prose writers, artists and others who wish to socialize among their own.

Superintendent:   Dombrowska, R. E.

3rd Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 22-44-30

Canadian-Ukrainian Information Center

This collection preserves foreign Ukrainian publications that number over 1,200 first copies; it contains valuable information for studying the history and literature of Ukraine, philosophy, laws and economics. 
Available to patrons:

  • Books and periodical publications in Ukrainian, published by the Ukrainian diaspora (1919-1998) in Canada (Toronto)
  • Complete publication of "The History of UPA" (39 volumes)
  • Collection of works by T. Shevchenko, L. Ukrainka, I. Franko, published abroad in various years
  • First editions of works by writers of the "Second Wave" Ukrainian emigration that were published in Germany, Austria, France and Australia
  • Editions with autographs and ex libris and miniature texts
  • Exhibits of complex book illustrations, reviews and surveys of rare publications.

Superintendent:   Dombrowska, R. E.

3rd Floor

Telephone:  (0552) 22-44-30

Regional Information Center

The Info-center engages in the providing innovative activities in the sphere of information-communication technology and integrate the innovations into the library's operations.

The primary directives of the center's work:

  1. Provide online information services through the creation of a regional information portal and through it, present complete and objective information about the Kherson region (first step in the creation of a "digital region").
  2. Provide online information consulting service (for individual information inquiries, as well as for discussions about information consulting servicing).

 The Info-center accumulates information resources of the region, provides information exchanges, and establishes connections between all societal sectors - government, business, community organizations,and  mass media.

Ongoing projects of the Info-center:

  • Kherson Regional Information center with portals ArtKavun and Kavun (upgrade).
  • Kherson Center for European Information.
  • The most comprehensive catalogue of Kherson's web resources.

tel / fax: (0552) 22-64-48
Tel.: (0552) 26-16-86
e-mail: info-centre@lib.kherson.ua


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